The International Relations Program is a unique and well-respected interdisciplinary, undergraduate program offered conjointly by the University of Toronto and Trinity College. The Program is designed to equip students with a significant knowledge of the international system and to introduce them to the methodologies employed in historical, political, and economic analysis.



The study of international relations dates back to antiquity and remains one of the most vital disciplines in the academic community. Its purpose is to explore the enduring questions of the origins of war and the maintenance of peace, the nature and exercise of power within an international system, and the changing character of the actors (both state and non-state) who participate in the various dimensions of international decision-making.

The International Relations Program, established in 1976, is one of the oldest and largest undergraduate programs of its kind in Canada and enjoys both a national and international reputation for the quality of its Faculty and the diversity of courses that are offered. Library resources on the University of Toronto campus are superb (our Library is currently ranked fourth North America for its holdings). Specialized collections are housed at the John W. Graham Library and the Robarts Library.


Approximately three hundred students are currently enrolled in the International Relations Program; the numbers are equally split between specialists and majors. Drawing on the strengths of Faculty members in Economics, History, and Political Science, the International Relations Program offers a structured, interdisciplinary education. The emphasis in the program is on equipping students with a significant knowledge of the historical and contemporary dimensions of the international system while introducing them to the methodologies employed in historical, political and economic analysis. Students are encouraged to develop additional language skills, to acquire knowledge of one or more significant regions in the international system and to take advantage of the opportunity for study abroad.


Information on the admission requirements and the procedure for entry into the International Relations Program is available, as well as a list of courses offered, and the requirements for completion of a degree in International Relations. There is also a set of Frequently Asked Questions, along with answers, for the benefit of students considering the pursuit of studies in International Relations, accessible by visiting the program website.