Run and/or vote this Friday, September 20 in the Rigby Room, St. Hilda’s, Trinity College at 2PM!

Students wishing to run will be able to do so through a self-nomination process, and can give a maximum one minute-long speech about their qualifications and/or ideas for the upcoming academic year.

The First-Year Representatives shall be elected in a meeting open to all members in
September of the year for which they are to serve. The responsibilities of the first year
representatives shall include the following:

1. Promote the IR Society’s events in the first year IR courses;
2. Promote the IR Program among first year students in the broader student body of the University of Toronto;
3. Assist with planning all events hosted by the IR Society

Click attending on Facebook. Help build your 2013-14 IR Society executive, and bring your friends!


In September, we will have booths at Fall Clubs Day and Trinity Clubs Fair. Please come speak with us about how you can get involved!

We boast a team with diversity of skills and experience, and are constantly looking for fresh talent. If you are an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, and would like experience organizing academic events, conferences and workshops, consider joining the International Relations Society.